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Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals is a category of metal with a high iron content. We determine the categorization of particular parts here on site, but generally speaking, metals with a higher iron content are considered ferrous metals. Here are some of the things we typically do with ferrous metals:

Heavy Melt: Heavy melt essentially refers to the end product smelting metal into a smaller, denser package, which makes the material easier to ship efficiently.

Cast Iron: Cast iron is often found in things like brake rotors and drums from motor vehicles, especially in older vehicles.

Turnings: Metal chop — the sawdust of the world of metal! We can handle and take care of leftover metal that has been processed or chopped.

Bushelling: Typically applies to thin uncoated clippings and/or stamping offcuts from manufacturing operations.

Plate & Structural: Refers to steel plates like the skid plate off of a car, or the plate found in things like forklifts. Structural ferrous is often found in things like I-Beams or other support beams.

Auto Cast: Commonly work with rotors and drums from cars, and older engine blocks.

What other types of products do we carry?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Dealing primarily with ferrous and non-ferrous we can meet all of your scrapping needs. Check out one of our other product categories, or get in touch with us directly with your inquiries.


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