The purpose of this policy is to establish and maintain the highest standards of safety throughout all operations of ANS Scrap Metal Ltd., and to ensure no employee is required to work under any conditions that are hazardous or unsanitary.

Each and every individual employee has the right to derive personal satisfaction from their job without having to fear for their safety or health. Consequently, the prevention of occupational injury or illness is of such consequence that it will be given top priority at all times. While we take pride in completing projects and tasks in a timely manner, health & safety will always take precedence over expediency.

All employees understand that personal health & safety, in conjunction with a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, are to be the first priority throughout each and every task. Active participation and adherence to company safety and environmental policies is continually reinforced and is a condition of employment. Consistent and ongoing efforts to increase work-safety awareness will enable ANS Scrap Metals Ltd. to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, ensure the health of our employees, protect our environment, and offer high-quality, professional services to our customers.